Louis C. Petersen, Educational Toys.  
(Manual Arts Press, 1920)


Having youngsters make their own toys is an option too often overlooked in this age of store-bought solutions—one that deserves special consideration for the life lessons it imparts. The upcoming generation more than ever needs encouragement to gain a sense of self-sufficiency—mastery of tools and materials—in the face of electronic consumer culture. Most guides to the "best" toys are little more than buying guides for parents. Perhaps a bit of counter-balance is called for.

Consider Petersen's little book, subtitled "Coping-Saw Problems for Children in the School and the Home." Squarely in the vein of learning by doing, a catchphrase among progressive educators of the early 20th century, it offered kids detailed, classroom-tested plans for building scores of toys. Petersen's intent wasn't to teach carpentry skills but to develop "interest and enthusiasm" in the learning process itself. To him the "educational" aspect of these toys was the actual crafting of them. 

The list below provides a smattering of starting points for DIY toy-making projects. For out-of-print books, first check your local library system or www.worldcatlibraries.org. To search for used books, we recommend www.bookfinder.com.

Got your own favorites to add to this list? Let us know! 



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